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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Early Snowfall Causes Damage

Kendall Purser

On Monday night, October 11th, mother nature slipped in a big surprise for Ammon residents. For the third time in 10 years we received an early, heavy, wet, blanket of snow. This ended the growing season rather abruptly and caused damage to homes around the area.

Aside from the fall flowers and late crops, many homeowners were left with large limbs down on their property. The early snowfall caught may trees with their bright fall foliage still attached, leaving large surfaces for the wet snow to cling to. For smaller, more flexible trees and bushes this wasn't a big deal, and they sprang back up as soon as the snow melted, or shook off in the wind. However, for many established trees, the added weight was too much and large limbs snapped under the pressure.

Snow accumulation in Ammon tends to be higher than our neighboring cities because of our proximity to the hills just east of town. Reports varied from just a few inches in some cities, to almost a full foot in some neighborhoods around Ammon.

Some residents reported that their electricity and internet connections flickered regularly from Monday into Tuesday, while others simply bemoaned the need to break out the snow shoveling equipment early. While the weather forecast promises slightly warmer temperatures over the weekend, there is a good chance of more precipitation come Monday.

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