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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Water Meters in Hillview Subdivision


Kendall Purser

Ammon residents in the Hillview Subdivision began receiving letters last week announcing the arrival of the water meter crew.

The City of Ammon has been working on installing water meters throughout the city for several years. Now it is the Hillview subdivision's turn to get the tracking devices that many residents have been dreading.

Officials cited the need to meter water usage to help pay for updates to the city's aging utility system. Last year the city increased utility bills for unmetered households based on the average usage statistics gathered by metered houses within the water district.

In the letter sent to residents, it states that citizens can file for a 12 month trial period at the current unmetered rate, before getting billed at the metered rate. 

This latest push for meter installation was based on the large number of unmetered houses in specific neighborhoods. Crews will continue to work their way through town until all homes have a meter installed, so they can be billed more accurately for the water they actually use, instead of an estimated average.

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