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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Footbridges in need of repair

Kendall Purser 

With all the stores and restaraunts in central Ammon, it is no surprise that there is a lot of foot traffic to and from the area. To aid this there are several foot bridges in the area, and some are in need of repair.

The most notable of these bridges is the one that crosses the canal behind Target. This bridge permits those living in the Hillview and Old Ammon area to access the Town Center Shopping Mall via bike or on foot. However, a quick survey of the bridge shows the wear and tear over the years has not been kind.

The chain link mesh that is supposed to keep pedestrians safe is pulled back on both ends of the bridge and the wire ties that are meant to keep it secure along the bottom are undone or missing all together.

One of the residents who lives next to the footbridge commented that he told the city as they were building the bridge to make sure it was bicycle friendly. The hard 90 degree turns required to use the bridge seem to indicate that this suggestion fell on deaf ears. In response the concerned citizen has had to put up a fence to protect his lawn.

With some minor modifications and the afore mentioned repairs, this bridge could be brought up to par over the course of a few days. Adjusting the fence on each end of the bridge and pouring a few small cement pads to make it easier for bicyclists to use would be a huge improvement, and would make the bridge safer for all concerned. 

Another bridge in need of repair is the footbridge that connects Sandcreek Middle School to Rawson Street. In this case the wire mesh flooring has come loose and is bent back in several places. Whether this falls on the city or the school district to repair is as yet unknown.

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