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Friday, September 24, 2021

Deseret Industries Relaxes Covid Restrictions


Kendall Purser

Deseret Industries, located on 17th Street in Ammon, recently relaxed their Covid-19 restrictions. When the pandemic was in full swing the second hand store was forced to close its doors, like most businesses in the area, without any idea of when they would reopen. 

When they were allowed to open their doors, they did so with a mask policy and donors were required to sort their own items prior to dropping them off at the store. Donations were limited to specific time slots that had to be reserved using an online form, the public restrooms were made unavailable.

The result of these policies were reduced inventory, bare shelves, fewer employees on the floor, and less selection for shoppers. They also requested volunteers from local churches to help sort and stock what inventory they had.

In recent weeks, however, the donation reservation policy was lifted and the flow for the donation center was reversed to accommodate the increased traffic. The sign on the front door was changed from "masks required" to the more encouraging "masks please." In addition to this, they are also part of the hiring craze throughout Ammon and Idaho Falls seeking more employees to help run the store.

Deseret Industries is a thrift store owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Their main goal is to help their employees gain work related skills, to further their education, and increase their hire-ability.

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