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Friday, September 17, 2021

Capital For A Day

Kendall Purser

On Thursday, September 16th, the City of Ammon played host to Governor Brad Little as part of the "Capital for a Day" program. (Pictured Left: Governor Brad Little, Mayor Sean Coletti, Representative Wendy Horman

The purpose of this program is to give Idaho citizens a chance to voice concerns directly to the governor and his administration. Each month the governor visits a city in a different county and speaks with constituents about the issues affecting them.

Mayor Sean Coletti posted the following on Facebook shortly after the event:

Today was a great day! This is how government is supposed to work! Governor Little came to Ammon to listen to the concerns of Idaho citizens. I was there to listen too, along with Representatives Gary Marshall and Julianne Young. 

Inside Ammon City Hall, great questions were asked on everything from school choice to fishing on the South Fork to housing to tax policy to vaccine mandates and everything in between. Outside, a peaceful protest was happening regarding vaccine mandates. 

It was great to meet with and hear from all of you whether inside or outside! Citizens who care enough to show up and speak up will help preserve our nation. Way to keep it classy Ammon and help me understand your concerns by hearing them directly from you.


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