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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Walmart Gets a Facelift

Kendall Purser

As you embark on your back to school shopping, you may want to plan in some extra time if the Ammon Walmart is on your list of places to shop.

The interior of the store is currently undergoing renovations. So far the changes appear to be in an effort to make the floor plan of the store match those of other stores in the area. The electronics section has doubled in size at the back of the store, the hardware section is moving to the long axis of the store where the toy section was previously, and the front of the store has a large area walled off for construction. If the pattern holds true, this area will likely end up as the pharmacy by the time all is said and done.

In addition to moving departments around, the store is also removing large areas of the familiar white tile in exchange for a polished concrete floor. This is similar to the Idaho Falls Walmart which made the same transition several years ago.

Before you bemoan the changes and frustration of a new floor plan, the store has taken into account the need for school supplies which are all currently located in the garden center at the far south end of the store. 

The remodel started in late July and will continue through the next few months.

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