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Friday, August 4, 2023

Ammon Days Glow Event

Kendall Purser

Ammon Days 2023 kicked off Friday night with a hot air balloon display at McCowin Park.

After a morning of rain, balloonists ranging from Utah to Washington began setting up their balloons on the north side of McCowin Park in preparation for the Glow Event that marked the start of Ammon Days.

This year's event featured 10 balloons, music, food trucks, as well as a glow toy vendor. The pilots spent the hours leading up to the 9pm light up time laying out their gondolas and checking their equipment before starting to inflate the large balloons.

As the event started, the burners lit up the thin fabric of the balloons in a teriffic display of flame, light, and color. Hundreds of participants gathered around to watch the night time light show.

The hot air balloons will launch from McCowin Park at 7am on Saturday, August 5th.