"Building a Better Community Together"

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Raising Stadium Funds

Kendall Purser

On August 14, 2021 Hillcrest High School held their annual football kick off party. 

However, in addition to meeting the players and getting everyone pumped for this season, there were other motives at play.

With two of the three traditional high schools in Bonneville School District 93 boasting their own stadium, Hillcrest has been the odd school out, sharing a stadium with Bonneville High School. While Thunder Stadium has been the background  for the Civil War football game between the two schools for almost three decades, parents, players, and coaches felt it was time for a stadium of their own.

Plans have been drawn up and approved to convert the soccer field on the south side of the school along Sunnyside road into the new stadium. Tonight's festivities were held on the field to help people get acquainted with the location.

At the event supporters could buy raffle tickets, food, and other entertainment to help fund the new stadium. There were also commemorative bricks, seats, and benches available for purchase. These commemorative items will be a part of the stadium for years to come, and gave the community a rare opportunity to put their mark on the facility and make it their own.

Entertainment included a live DJ, inflatable toys, a dunk tank, corn hole, and spike ball. Food could be purchased as part of your entry fee or from vendors who came to show their support for the football team.

Old Ammon Construction

Kendall Purser

As the city ages the time comes for streets and utilities to be updated. Currently in Old Ammon there are several streets in the process of being upgraded.

As part of the upgrade, the dreaded water meters are being installed for the houses on these streets and citizens are beginning to feel the pinch. One resident told me that after seeing their first bill they have given up on their lawn until they can come up with an alternative solution to watering it.

Not all the news is bad though. Sidewalks, bike lanes, and in some cases wider streets will be the end result of the construction currently underway. In some cases fiber internet lines are also being run.

Old Ammon streets currently under some stage of construction include: Rawson and Molen from Western to Midway, with plans to continue from Midway to Ammon Road.

Little Free Libraries in Local Parks


Kendall Purser

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic came into full swing, free library boxes were placed in many parks throughout the city. This came on the heels of the Library box that was installed in McCowin Park on the corner of Midway and Southwick.

The idea behind these boxes is that you bring a book from home and trade it out for a book in the community box. That way there is always a fresh selection and a constant rotation of books in stock.

The little free library movement started in Hudson, Wisconsin in 2012 and has spread rapidly across the country. You can find more information on their website at

During the early part of August 2020, just as lock down and stay at home orders were being issued, the city installed 7 library boxes that were built by a local Boy Scout troop in the following parks: Lions, Peterson, Eagle Pointe, Tiebreaker, Quail Ridge, Sandcreek, and Woodland Hills.

This came as a timely blessing to many families who would not have had access to books at this time because of the restrictions that were put in place by state and federal governments.

Prior to this citizens would have to drive to Iona or downtown Idaho Falls to borrow books from an established library. Now most citizens can get a book within a few blocks of their own homes.

While the library boxes have done a great job rotating books, in recent months some of the boxes have fallen into disrepair and are in need of attention.

Check your local park for a free library box and participate by swapping out a book!

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Memorial Underway in McCowin Park


Kendall Purser

If you have visited McCowin Park recently, you may have noticed the changes being made on the Disc Golf Course around Hole #6. The hill has been filled in and three flag poles have been installed. This is part of a project to add a Memorial to the park to honor the citizens of Ammon who have given their lives in the armed forces.

On July 15, 2021 Boy Scout Troop 180 helped lay over 4,000 square feet of sod in preparation for the flag poles and the memorial area. Future plans include adding a stone memorial and plaque to the eastern side of the newly reconstructed hill.

Members of the community are in the process of planning out changes to the Disc Golf course in order to respect the space being used for the memorial site.